About US

About Us

We Are An Alternative Insurance Distribution Channel

As healthcare cost in Malaysia continues to rise, AXXESS aims to level the healthcare playing field, and bring assurance to the underinsured. By making Medical, Life and Personal Accident insurance accessible to those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from it, AXXESS democratises insurance for all Malaysians, while offering our partners the opportunity to not only enhance their products and services, but to provide valuable protection to their customers.

Why Us

Why Choose Us

AXXESS paves the way for our partners to reach new, underserved markets with innovative insurance products that have high consumer relevance. We do this by understanding our partners’ business, their customer demographics, and their budgetary concerns, in order to develop unique insurance propositions that not only benefit their customers, but ensure stickiness of their products, and encourage customer loyalty.
By bundling existing products and services with valuable insurance protection, businesses will be able to better understand and gain valuable insight of their customers, and consequently enhance their product positioning and marketing efforts.
AXXESS insurance products can be tailormade to different businesses and their needs – from F&B to petroleum retailers, grocers to departmental stores, and educational institutions to brand owners – with unique propositions that ensure residents can benefit from adequate and varied insurance resulting from their patronage of our partners’ businesses. Customised products are affordably priced for as low as RM0.50/month.

Work Process

How We Work

Along with a dedicated Partnership Manager who will work closely with our partners to ensure their business needs are taken care from start to finish, AXXESS offers high-engagement and high-impact programs which can be structured to accommodate our partners’ requests.

Insurance benefits can be offered to our partners’ customers through unique alphanumeric, QR or Barcodes placed within their products and services, on their receipts, or any other method acceptable to partners. Programs benefits can also offered to list of qualifying customers provided by partners on a regular or periodic basis.

Our Benefits

To Partners

AXXESS is able to offer partners customised and cost-effective insurance solutions befitting their products and services and being mindful of their customer dynamics. Partners can leverage on these unique and valuable insurance propositions to gain access to their ultimate customers and understand their customer demographics, a valuable asset for their marketing and product positioning.



Our Benefits

To Insurers

AXXESS provides our partners with alternative, non-traditional distribution channels, for insurance products. Through collaborations with retailers, grocers, F&B outlets, hoteliers, brand owners etc, AXXESS is able to offer insurance partners a previously untapped market, for innovative and customised insurance solutions. Partners able to leverage on AXXESS to introduce insurance products previously not available in this market.


Call Now: +603 2779 2419

Call Now:
+603 2779 2419