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Supermodels Secrets is a beauty e-store focused on offering beauty products that works. It is all about models' real beauty secrets and hence its name. Every product that's offered in the store has gone though painstaking research and/or personal usage and/or testing by the founder, Michelle C or her family members.

Unlock your real beauty with Supermodel Secrets and earn AXXESSpoints with every purchase of beauty product. Remember to key in your registered AXXESS membership details before you proceed with your transactions.

"People are beautiful.....just in what they are."

* HOW TO EARN AXXESSpoints? Click here, key in your 16-digit AXXESS card number or your registered email address in order to earn AXXESSpoints from your transactions. * Your AXXESSpoints earned will be credited into your account within 24 hours upon receipt of details from the merchant, after 30 days from your last transaction. Please log in to your membership account online or on your mobile app to check your AXXESSpoints.